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Teeth Whitening - Elk Grove CA

What is Teeth Whitening?

Today, one of the most popular cosmetic treatment is said to be teeth whitening. It can drastically improve an individual's smile without involving any invasive treatment. Everyone loves to have whiter, brighter teeth and a sparkling smile. Teeth whitening treatment is one such procedure which helps to enhance the appearance of your smile by removing stains and giving you flawless teeth. In a way, this helps to boost the self-confidence of an individual and makes feel comfortable while they smile. And that's the reason people opt out to get professional teeth whitening done to achieve their desired smile.

If you are looking for teeth whitening in Elk Grove, CA, you can consult our teeth whitening specialist. We have led many individuals towards their dream smile through teeth whitening treatment.

Why is teeth whitening required?

There are various reasons due to which your teeth may lose the natural white color. It can be a genetic factor or simply be an aging process. Otherwise, it can be due to consumption of colored food substances. Intake of certain medication can also lead to stains on your teeth. Under such circumstances, Tooth whitening serves to be the right solution for restoring your beautiful smile. To a considerable extent, the natural color of the teeth can be restored by teeth bleaching treatment.

Types of Teeth whitening - Elk Grove, CA

Before proceeding with the teeth whitening treatment, your dentist will determine if your dental condition is suitable for this treatment. If found suitable, you can choose between the following two types of teeth whitening treatment:

At-home teeth whitening

You can perform this procedure on your own, within the comfort of your home. You will be provided with custom built bleaching trays, filled with a whitening agent that needs to be worn during the night. Your dentist will advise the duration of time; the trays need to be worn for achieving the best results. At-home teeth whitening procedure, though successful, takes a longer time to achieve the results.

In-office teeth whitening

This procedure involves light plasma technology along with the whitening agents to produce the desired results. The whitening agent is induced by the dental light resulting in a greater whitening effect. The major advantage of this procedure is, the time taken is just around an hour. The procedure is quite safe when performed by an experienced dentist.

If you want whiter & brighter teeth, teeth whitening is the right solution for you! Contact our dental office for further details!

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